Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Like flesh flayed and sloughed and oozing off a fetid corpse's lumbering person, Burial Ground's scathing record "Zombie" is both horrifically dense and grotesque, a powerful 76 minute assault on the audial senses that pays homage to director Lucio Fulci's walking undead masterpiece.  The walls here are near impenetrable, a seering ocean of unhinged electricity shambling forever forward, deeper into the pool of stagnancy.  Violence is reduced to a lulling nostalghia, a constant echo in the brain forced to adapt to situations so dire they're nearly past comprehension.  All the tension and hopelessness present in Fulci's work manifest themselves here, re-imagined by Burial Ground's deft and punishing hand.
Altar Of Waste is honored to release this modern HNW masterwork in a limited edition of 25 hand-numbered copies, packaged in a DVD case with two different covers featuring designs by Cory Strand and Anthony Shaw.  A fitting tribute to a future rife with unnatural torments.  $10 ppd. in the United States.  Overseas, please inquire as to exact cost.

CONTACT FOR ORDERING: corystrand@gmail.com

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