Friday, April 3, 2015


Debut AOW full-length of Jason Pizzolato's Mind Of God, following the project's "Electro-Battle Preparation Tactics" EP.  "Ominous" is a much darker and more frigid work, a hypnotic assault of buzzing minimalistic deathdub electronic detritus and deeply psychedelic textures.  Given a crushing mastering job by John Stillings (of Steel Hook Prostheses), "Ominous" is an absolutely room-shaking affair through speakers and a hallucinatory excursion into drug-addled staticism through headphones.  A nightmare vision of dystopian anxiety, "Ominous" has already received some impressive accolades:

"I must say, this Mind of God record is sincerely badass!! It is really effective at influencing the 'lighting' in a room. It's really well put together, and in moments, it beautifully pays homage in sound and arrangement to some of its more Broadrick-esque predecessors." -Tannon Penland (LOINCLOTH / GAUCHISTE)

"Mind of God has things working.....onto something VERY cool." - Josh Eustis (NINE INCH NAILS / PUSCIFER / TELEFON TEL AVIV)

"Nice stuff! Not often do you hear metal dudes with an electronic music sensibility.....I dig it." 
- Tristan Shone (AUTHOR & PUNISHER)

"I think it's killer!! Minimal, weird, & beat-heavy....what more do you need? And the Mind of God video stuff is great...sick footage..!" - Mike IX Williams (EYEHATEGOD / CORRECTIONS HOUSE )

"Ominous" can be streamed in full at Mind Of God's Bandcamp:( )

Packaged in a DVD case with artwork by Jason and released in an edition of 20 hand-numbered copies.  $10 ppd. in the United States, $23 rest of world.



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