Tuesday, August 23, 2016


School has started up for me, and it's my last year, meaning i'll be starting in on my thesis pretty quickly.  Obviously this will take some time away from the label.  The last several months have been exceedingly difficult for me personally - one of the worst times in my life - and i've had to really think about what i can accomplish as one person in relation to Altar Of Waste, as well as in regards to my own music, and not fall any further into despair.  I'm feeling burnt out and depressed pretty much all the time, and I can't be feeling that way heading in to my thesis.
Moving forward, the print runs on releases are going to be a lot smaller.  I have to think about what I can realistically manage without going insane.  I would still love to work with lots and lots of artists, but if you're wanting print runs higher than 10 copies, at this point i am probably not the label for you.  Altar Of Waste has always been a boutique label anyways.  That said, there are a few releases coming up that will have slightly larger runs, as per my original agreements with the artists.  But everything new from here on will be limited.
I have two printers at home, both of which have died.  I am tired of spending $300 every six months on fucking printers and even more on printer ink.  I have found a way to outsource the printing; the prints are higher quality than they have ever been before.  I have also lost my supplier of CDr's; i believe i have found a suitable replacement.  But this means filling orders may take a bit longer, so please bear with me as i figure it all out.
My focus lately has been on cassettes; this will probably continue.  I will still do CD releases, as i have some very large scale projects from myself and some other artists in the works for the fall/winter, but i've become sort of enamoured with the cassette as an art object and have been going sort of crazy with them.  I expect it will continue for awhile.
The next releases will be (no precise dates, just working on them now):

Kosmodrom "Conquest Of Space" C30 (amazing new kosmiche noise project born from the ashes of Dead Body Collection)
Body Stress "Forced Entry" C20 (second in a series of four cassettes)
Eugene Critchley "Pessimism Totale" 2xC60 (severely bleak DNW)
Dejection/Naughty split/collaborative cassette
Dejection/Shadowpiercer split/collaborative 2xC40
N0123NOISE/Cory Strand split C40
Curses "Thousand Faced Moon" C47

This fall/winter will also see releases from Dejected Splendor, Big Hole, Dosis Letalis, Natural Actors, Uitgeschakeld, and tons more...
I appreciate the continued support and friendship.  It means so much to me, more than you can know.

-Cory S.

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  1. Best label and the best person running it. Hang in there my friend and know that some of us actually appreciate everything you do!