Saturday, March 11, 2017


Very pleased to unleash this enervating, heart-crushing split into the world.  I've tried to be very careful in putting together splits for Eugene Critchley; I want to make sure I'm working with artists who understand where I'm coming from with the project, and can craft pieces that reflect the sorts of views EC is about.  This suffocating split with Big Hole represents, to me, a pretty perfect philosophical meeting between projects.  The two EC pieces on this set were conceived and recorded right after "Pessimism Totale," when I was in a severely distressing and unhappy place, unsure of everything in my future and pretty much hating myself every moment of every day.  These are two of the bleakest, most sorrowful, and most personal things I've ever committed to tape.  I sent these tracks to Christopher, who had been dealing with some similar feelings, and he crafted two Big Hole tracks that perfectly complement the EC tracks in terms of mood, atmosphere, and philosophy.  This is some of the best work I've heard from Big Hole, two truly despondent, damaging walls that draw you in and threaten to drown you under their miserable weight.  There is no relief or respite here: only total, all-consuming misery and hoplessness.
Packaged as a two-cassette set, with each cassette having unique, but complementary, artwork reflective of some of the ideas present in the work.  Released in a limited edition of 12 hand-numbered copies.  $20 ppd. in the United States, $36 rest of world.


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