Saturday, June 9, 2012


The label is off to an astounding start.  I'm very excited about what I've got coming up in the next several weeks:

LETHE "Abandonment to Failure": double disc set of suicidal HNW scathe.  Immerse yourself in the wearying weight of regret.

YOG-SOTHOTH "Hypnotic Crushery": psychedelic guitar worship from Minneapolis.  Like Skullflower choking on Melvins riffs.

BURIAL GROUND "Zombie": insane, crushing wall static based on Lucio Fulci's epic splatter film.  I am beyond psyched to release this-Burial Ground are one of the best HNW outfits in operation.

LETHE "Haunting and Woe": another huge collection (four discs) of dark ambient washout from Lethe.  Radigue worship taken to its frigid extreme.

FALLEN "1996 Demo": obscure and crude death metal from ages past.  Severely lo-fi and caustic as fuck.

LETHE "Inconsequence": three discs of oceanic droneworks from Lethe exploring the pointlessness and tedium of being.  Massive.

The Yog-Sothoth record will be the next one going into production, with a larger run than normal (50 copies.)  I will post the records as they become available.
Thanks to everyone for the support. 

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