Thursday, June 28, 2012


There's beauty in the infinite, an endless stretch of possibility basking in the light before you, beckoning and summoning, calling out in whispers and lilting caresses.  Like a mist washing over a mountainside forest, calm and expansive.  But that mist could be smoke, the waste of scorching fires eating away the beauty, eradicating it inch by inch, malicious and indifferent.  Everything that once was will cease to matter, nothing but a blackened husk barely containing an echo of its former splendor.
Existence is tedium and boredom, waiting for the fires to approach and consume.  Sorrow waits at the end of all your work, all the pointless striving.  The nothingness is gigantic and unrelenting.  It awaits, yawning, craning its jaws to swallow you and your paltry life whole.
Lethe's massive triple album "Inconsequence" seeks to map out the domain of the pointless, and the sounds found within are nothing short of glacial and oceanic.  Deep, focused, and chillingly absent, "Inconsequence" drifts out to the edge of despair and waits.  Does anything actually happen?
Altar Of Waste is proud to present this towering new work of hopeless drone in a DVD package designed and constructed by Cory Strand, in a limited edition of 10 hand-numbered copies.  $18 ppd. in the United States.  Overseas, please inquire as to exact cost.


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