Sunday, September 16, 2012

NEWS 9/16/2012

I'm pretty much caught up on my releases thus far.  For my UK customers, a good chunk of the back catalogue is now available via Turgid Animal, so you won't have to pay such ridiculous shipping rates.  I'm sorry it's so expensive from the United States!  Hopefully my more recent releases will be available there soon as well.
The Vomir album is down to 4 copies.  Maybe I should have done a larger run...oh well.  It's Vomir.  I figured it would sell out quickly regardless.
The next album going into production (we're working on it now) will be Dead Body Collection's "This Is My Home" 2xCDr.  The packaging will be a little more elaborate than usual, and if it comes out as envisioned, it will be really gorgeous.  Afterwards, there will be another Burial Ground album based on "The Exorcist"-I've outsourced the artwork on that one, so it should look stellar as well.
Other future releases include Churner, Clive Henry, Culver, Footpaths, and so many more.
Thanks to everyone for all of the continued support.  It means so much to me that the label is being well-received and people are digging the releases.


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