Friday, January 11, 2013


Dead Body Collection's "This Is My Home" marks a tremendous leap forward in the potential of HNW as a means of purely emotional expression.  Across these two discs, Alex weaves a blistering tapestry of mosaic sorrows, regrets, and claustrophobic nostalgiah, a poisoned requiem for a life that once was and the weight of the myriad failures accompanying it.  I have not heard another artist working in this genre so capable of summoning up such an array of bitter and melancholy feelings-there is a power in this record that defies categorization and reaches far beyond the confines of HNW's traditional definition.  Immersing yourself in this record is to make yourself vulnerable to recollections of your own failures and regrets, an evocation of sadness and fatigue that infects and lifts the spirit simultaneously.  This is a work utterly unlike any you have heard before, a master study in tearing down artistic confines and producing art that is both intensely, severely personal and instantly and terrifyingly relateable.  This is a map of the caverns of the heart.
Altar Of Waste is extremely proud to offer up this majestic piece of work from one of the genre's most prolific and creative minds.  Alex and I worked closely together on the artwork for this release, hoping to create something with a depth and resonance that would mark the uniqueness of the record overall.  I think we have succeeded.  Packaged in a DVD case in a limited and hand-numbered edition of 30 copies, "This Is My Home" also comes with a hand-constructed booklet of Alex's photos and writings.  It is easily one of the most lovely Altar Of Waste releases, and I am honored to have worked on it.  $20 ppd. in the United States, $28 rest of world (I apologize for the slightly higher price of this set-construction and assembly for this one took an enormous amount of time, effort, and supplies-but I believe it is well worth the expense.)


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