Sunday, September 15, 2013


An utterly intoxicating blend of ANW and Sunn 0)))-style slow motion uberdrone given over to electronic remodeling and punishing bass texture, Crown Of Ashes' "At The Throne Ov Kyne" showcases a sound that stands well apart from the genres it approximates while completely rewriting the conceptual confines of noise and drone.  The percussive qualities of certain strains of PE hold congress here, as does the blackened roar of yawning guitar abyss-scapes practiced by units such as Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere and vintage Earth, but the end cacophony is something totally its own, a bleak and empty paean to the withering of the earth and our own ultimate fallibility and mortality.  Crown Of Ashes creates an aura of the funereal, a sickly death knell for the coming eradication, a gaze into a blur of futures focused on lack and space and the ghost of habitation, a distinctly Herzogian vision of what's to come.  There is no hope for us.  The natural will defeat every "lasting" monument we've scarred the soil with.
Altar Of Waste is pleased to usher forth this tolling bell of decay, a crushing blanket of blackened static and contemplative aural pustulence. 
Packaged in a DVD case in a limited edition of 15 hand-numbered copies.  $10 ppd. in the United States, $22 rest of world.


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