Sunday, February 16, 2014


Two massive, punishing, thick walls created for the Bad Rip Series, in honor of one of my very favorite films, "8mm."  "8mm" makes absolutely no apology for its incredible and depraved violence, and is one of few "mainstream" Hollywood films to embrace a truly nihilistic outlook: the world is void of any sort of grounding morality, and whatever sort of choice you make within that world has no value beyond attempting to absolve your own buried anxieties.  The quote from which i take this album's title pretty much sum's up the film's viewpoint, and perhaps illustrates why "8mm" is so unique within the canon of American cinema:

Tom Welles: "Why would Christian want this?  Why would he want a film of a...a little girl being butchered?"
Daniel Longdale: "Because he could."

The violence inherent is such moral disregard and unbridled curiousity is distinctly Sadean.  I had wanted to work with this film for a long time.  Many thanks to Julien and Bad Rip Series for allowing me the opportunity to do so.  One of my more brutal efforts.
$8 ppd. in the United States, $21 rest of world.


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