Monday, November 24, 2014


Both my printer and my disc burner died this weekend.  Obviously this sets things back a bit in terms of production.  I know some people are waiting on the "Fargo: Complete" box sets-I have not forgotten, and I know they're taking longer than expected-school is just taking up a lot of time!  More than I had thought.  The semester ends in a couple weeks; after that I will acquire a new printer and disc burner and move forward.  The "Fargo" material is all done-just need to finish up the artwork for the box set layouts and put them together.  For those waiting, my apologies.  It's coming.
Once things are back up and running, I'll be working to get out a few things that have been on deck for awhile: my own reworks of Hitchcock's "Notorious," three records from Roadside Picnic, the Crown Of Bone "Evil Dead" double CD, more "Blue Velvet" volumes, a new record from Windom Earle, and more.  In the meantime, I have new work out on Occult Supremacy (the Lindskold reissues plus the "Seven Deadly Sins" comp, which features a new and ripping Fantome De Sang track-i'll have artist copies of these, but if you're in the USA PLEASE buy these from Dustin and OSP-he's worked really hard to get them out the label is great)) and Vagary Records (already sold out, but I think i'll get some artist copies-watch the AOW store, as they'll go FAST!) to tide people over.
As always, thanks for the patience.  I'll be back up and running as soon as I'm able.


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