Friday, February 17, 2017


Long in the works split and collaboration between myself and Shadowpiercer, based on David Lynch's film Eraserhead.  Dakota and I are both Lynchophiles and have done lots of work based on Lynch's films; when we discussed doing some work together, Eraserhead was pretty much our first choice.   can safely say that this is one of the coolest projects i've been involved with, and I think the music on this set represents some of the best noise and drone/ambient work I've ever done.
The set is split into two parts: the first cassette, "The Dark," is a split cassette, with one track each from both myself and Shadowpiercer.  The second cassette, "The Terrible," presents two pieces Dakota and I created together in collaboration.  The collaborative tracks are so dense with sound that I can't even tell who did what anymore; Dakota and I traded tracks back and forth, adding parts and manipulating sounds until we both felt the tracks were exactly what they should be.
The collaborative aspect of this release extends to its artwork and design as well.  One cassette is designed by Dakota, the other by me.  We wanted the work to reflect our individual aesthetics, as well as showcase the similarities in our approaches.  The set is then wrapped in an OBI strip that utilizes the psychedelic pattern that links Eraserhead to the world of Twin Peaks.  It's a gorgeous set.
An enormous amount of time, work, and collaboration went into the realization of this set.  It really is one of the best AOW releases, and I am super proud of it.
Released in a limited edition of 10 hand-numbered copies.  Deluxe presentation, with both cassettes having exterior and interior artwork.  $25 ppd. in the United States, $38 rest of world.


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