Friday, May 26, 2017


Geisst is a mysterious and atmospheric new HNW project from Peter Keller, the talented sound artist behind the projects Condo Horro, Unser Verhangnis, the Dirac Sea, and others.  Geisst differs from those projects in that the sounds summoned are done so without manipulation or performance from the artist; these are the pure sounds of electricity and pedal chains unfettered, untouched.  As the liner notes to the release state, "Peter Keller is merely the medium."  This methodology has resulted in an incredibly powerful suite of tangled, forceful, and raging HNW compositions; when Peter first shared this project, I took a listen to the first piece, and 30 seconds in I knew I wanted to release it through AOW.  There is a beautiful minimalist and ghostly aesthetic at work here, a sound seance of sorts, conducted to collect transmissions from elsewhere.  Past the artist, past the technology.  Sound.
The first disc of the set can be streamed here:

Packaged in an oversized old school triple CD jewel case with a small informative insert, with another gorgeous layout courtesy of Peter himself.  Along with the DeaD!!! release, this is a truly gorgeous AOW release; I could not be more proud to be issuing this recording.  Released in a limited edition of 12 hand-numbered copies.  $22 ppd. in the United States, $38 rest of world.


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