Friday, November 11, 2016


Very honored to be unveiling this cassette from Kosmodrom, the fantastic new kosmiche noise project from Aleksandar Nenad (whom many will recognize as the mind behind the now-defunct Dead Body Collection.)  Though Kosmodrom has since released several outstanding cassettes, "Conquest Of Space" is the project's sophomore effort, and represents an amazing synthesis of cosmic psychedelic synth/theremin sounds alongside truly massive HNW clouds.  The sound of space collapsing in on itself, essentially.  Utterly engulfing, beautifully expansive noise, a totally new sound that is simply some of the coolest work being done in the genre right now.  I was very pleased when Alex asked me to release this, and i hope fans of the project, and of Alex's work overall, will find much to enjoy here.
The cassette is one of the loveliest I've done through AOW, with full colour labels on transparent red Chrome cassettes, and a gorgeous, deeply colour saturated layout by me that reflects the project's themes and interests.
Released in a limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies.  $8 ppd. in the United States, $24 rest of world.


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