Saturday, December 6, 2014


I'm very psyched to announce my first ever subscription series.  Subscribers to"A Year Of Carpenter" will receive, each month for a year, an HNW rework of the full audio of a classic John Carpenter film (by me, of course, similar to what i've been doing lately with other films.)  Each monthly release will have its own full colour artwork in the standard AOW DVD case packaging, with each release in the series hand-numbered.  There are 3 US subscriptions available and 2 World subscriptions available (the World one costs more because of shipping costs-my apologies.)  I'll be using Carpenter's best known and most beloved films, another approach to reinterpreting the work of my one of my very favorite filmmakers.
The inaugural volume, "Assault On Precinct 13," is done now and will ship out immediately for people subscribing.  After that, subscribers can expect to receive one new release per month for the remaining 11 months of the year.  Those that know me are aware that I do work quickly, so it's likely the series will finish before the year.  There will also be a special, secret "13th" release that will ship out to all subscribers after the original 12 releases ship.  None of these releases will be available in any other format, EVER.  They are exclusive to the subscription series.
US Subscription cost: $225 ppd.
WORLD Subscription cost: $325.
When ordering from the store, PLEASE choose the correct subscription based on your location.
PLEASE NOTE: These are data DVD-R releases.  You will need a computer to access the music.


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