Sunday, December 28, 2014


An infrequent transmission from my project Lethe, here returning to the subject matter of the project's first AOW release.  "The Stranger" takes elements of the recordings found on "Theodore Robert Bundy" alongside some improvisational synth work and reworks them into agonizing long form drone and HNW compositions, utilizing a more stagnant and fixed style than my usual manipulations.  There is no growth in death.  The five epic pieces here are made for contemplation in the dark, an attempt to imagine the isolationist headspace of Bundy and the void that existed inside of him.  Moments of extreme violence and numbing emptiness, punctuated by horror and depravity-the facets of a complex and frightening psychopathology.
Packaged in a DVD case in a limited edition of 5 hand-numbered copies.  $45 ppd. in the United States, $58 rest of world.
PLEASE NOTE: These are DVD-Rs.  Some modern stereos can play them as is, but most likely you will need a computer to extract the audio.


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