Friday, September 4, 2015


I will be suspending AOW activities for a bit while my lady friend and I move into our new residence.  It's too much to have to do the label on top of moving and returning to school, so i'll be putting the label on a brief hiatus until everything is squared away.  Any orders received prior to September 14th will be filled; after that, the AOW store will be closed until Halloween.  Here's a brief update on a few in production releases:

Cory Strand and Gina Newman "The Walking Dead: Impressions" 3-cassette box set: the tapes are on the way to me and should arrive very soon.  All pre-orders will ship out shortly after (still some assembly we need to do.)

Dejection/Big Hole "Split" cassette: heading into production soon.  These will most likely now be out sometime in October; all pre-orders prior to Sept. 14th will be filled.

Our Love Will Destroy The World "Sol Airborne Pyramid" 3-cassette box set: I will most likely put the pre-order for these up in October, and am hoping for a late November release.

When the label reopens, there will hopefully be some new Dejection cassettes and some other epic solo releases.  I have a lot of stuff I want to do!

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