Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Just a quick note to let people know what's going on with AOW, recent orders, etc.  Gina and I have finally gotten everything moved into our new home, and the move was physically agonizing on both of us.  We're trying to take some time and get our shit together before commencing work on artistic projects.  That said, I am going to try and fill current outstanding orders this week; if you're waiting on stuff from me, I will do my damndest to send it out to you this weekend.  I apologize for the delay; moving just really wipes you out, especially when you have mountains and mountains of media and you're moving it up and down staircases for a period of three weeks.
So, here's what I'm still trying to put together:

WALKING DEAD BOX SETS-these are assembled on my end; still waiting for Gina to cut down the linos and make the slipcases.  Sorry for the delay; it's just very physically demanding to make the cases, and Gina's exhausted.  They're coming-SOON-i promise.  I know some people have preordered them, and i'll try and get those out as soon as I can.

DEJECTION/BIG HOLE split cassette-should be putting in the order for duplication sometime in October.  Sorry for the delay on this as well, but it IS coming, and I hope to have the tapes in stock by Halloween or thereabouts.

A RAJA'S MESH MEN "Sleep Of Death" BOX SETS-these are coming along nicely; if you order one, I should be able to get it out to you in about a week's time.

Thanks all.  Hopefully we'll be back to a normal schedule in a month or so.


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