Friday, June 17, 2016


Proper AOW debut for France's fantastic HNW project Naughty, here turning in an absolutely massive and wholly majestic six disc set based on Maiwenn's emotionally devastating 2015 film Mon Roi.
Naughty is the newest project of Charlotte Skrobek; already she's been leaving a trail of totally untouchable and flawless HNW releases in her wake, demonstrating a true mastery of crushing textures and beautifully monolithic tones, all dense bassed-out fuzz and beautifully droning distortions, creating an astounding wall sound that has taken my breath away with each and every new recording.  To say that i'm psyched to release this huge set from Charlotte is an understatement; for me, the sounds she's crafted here pretty much lay waste to the idea of what a wall can and should be.  Bleak and suffocating, and perfectly capturing the enervating and vampiric tone of the film.  Utter despair and devastation.
From the artist herself:

"I wanted to work on the theme of mental domination / submission, and when I watched the movie Mon Roi by the French director Ma├»wenn, it inspired me a lot, so I decided to base my release on this movie. It’s a devastating love story, about a woman who falls madly in love with a narcissistic pervert. He totally breaks her but she keeps on fighting for their love. It’s an explosion of emotions, all the feelings related to love are expressed, from the sweetest and the most delightful to the most destructive...Sound-wise, the tracks are very stripped-down, with the focus on the low end. There is always one or two layers of modulated static on top, but never a real “crunch”. I have seen mentions online about a new subgenre called Drone Noise Wall, I’m not sure what it is, but in my mind, 'My King' could be called that." (from an interview with Musique Machine)

This record is certain to be in my top ten of 2016 noise releases as well, if not at the VERY top.  Charlotte is a master.  Do NOT miss this record.

This version of "My King" is packaged in a wooden box, hand-lettered by me.  Each of the six walls is presented as its own disc; each is packaged in a heavy fold-over cover with full colour exterior and interior artwork utilizing images from Mon Roi, with each disc then housed in a clear plastic bag.  The images used were selected by Charlotte Skrobek and myself and the screen grabs were done by me from a high definition transfer of the the film.  The box set also includes an informational insert.  The box set version is released in a limited edition of 5 hand-numbered copies.  $35 ppd. in the United States, $51 rest of world.


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