Monday, September 26, 2016


Deluxe edition of my rework of David Wingo's score for Jeff Nichols' Midnight Special.  This expanded edition is presented in my usual "deluxe" style, with each composition given its own disc, complete with its own artwork and packaging utilizing my favorite shots from the film (there are many; it was hard to select 42!).  The screengrabs were all done by me personally from a blu-ray of the film.  The set also includes a "Totality" noise rework of the film's audio track on DVD-R.

"My deep ambient rework of David Wingo's ethereal, haunting score for Jeff Nichols' aching science fiction masterpiece Midnight Special.  Filled with stunning visuals, understated performances, and a superbly confident personal vision, Nichols' film resonates with an intensity and hurt that few films can summon up.  It is deeply emotional, a sort of cross between Steven Spielberg's E.T. and Stephen King's Firestarter.
Working with David Wingo scores is always difficult as he tends toward shorter pieces; though brief, they are always moving and elegiac (he is easily one of the best composers working in film at the moment.)  My work here offers up 20 ambient pieces varying in length, from short (4 minutes or so) to longer (45 minutes), depending on what the individual piece dictated to me.  I try to go off my own emotions as much as possible when i do these reworks; the result is a sad and forlorn collection of dense, murky drone."

The deluxe edition is limited to 3 hand-numbered copies.  $165 ppd. in the United States, $181 rest of world.


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