Saturday, September 17, 2016


I have a new solo cassette out on the fantastic label Lost Light Records.  This is some of my harshest, most extreme material in quite some time, a bit of a throwback to my old "psychedelic wall noise washout" sort of sound.  It's very difficult to listen to, and the two pieces are noise works i'm deeply proud of.  To a certain degree, yes, this tape is about a particularly heart-crushing episode of Daria - but like much of my work recently, it is more about the relationships between people, the hurt and damage we are able to cause one another, and the generally pessimistic view of life this fact engenders in us (me especially.)  Limited to 15 copies, already down to 5 remaining.  If you are interested in this cassette, don't sleep on it.  I am not sure if i will have any copies for sale through AOW (i don't think so.)  Please order from Lost Light and support another fantastic noise label; pick up as many of their other releases as you can, they're all pretty fucking magnificent.
You can stream/purchase "Sometimes, Often" here:

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