Friday, August 25, 2017


Incredible collaborative HNW project between Clive Henry and James Shearman, the product of their studies together in HNW construction.  Those two names are really all you should need to know; this is definitely one of the finest wall releases of the year, and I could not be more happy to be releasing it through AOW.  Five discs of thoughtful, masterful, deeply textured and rigorously structured HNW, with all the subtle tonal shifts one could ask more.  Utterly crushing and transfixing; pure audio hypnogogia painted in shades of brutality.  Get this now.
Packaged as five individual oversized fold-over covers, with each disc having a unique art piece created by James Shearman.  Each disc is sleeved, and the entire set is housed in a plastic bag.  Released in a limited edition of fifteen unnumbered copies.  $25 ppd. in the United States, $41 rest of world.


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