Wednesday, June 3, 2015


PLEASE NOTE:  This is being offered as a PREORDER.  Again, just to offset the cost of manufacture.  I will be submitting the tapes for duplication very soon; I expect the cassette to be in-stock and shipping by early June/late July.

I am very pleased to announce a new work from the always outstanding Love Katy, one of my very favorite projects in the HNW world.  This release comes in the form of a C30, with two 15 minute slabs of joyous, dense, tonally explorative noise crafted in honor of Miss Perry's sublime parade of double entendres "Birthday," off of her latest record Prism.  As always with Love Katy, the walls here are crumbly, bassy and very "heavy," but suffused with a healthy dose of the project's trademark humor and adulation.  This is a project that just makes me happy to listen to; i think James would be pleased to hear me say that.  As always with Love Katy, not to be missed!
Comes on a colored C30 cassette with full colour artwork, in a limited edition of 20 hand-numbered copies.  $8 ppd. in the United States, $21 rest of world.


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