Wednesday, June 12, 2013


ADDENDUM: THE COMPILATION IS NOW FULL.  Way faster than I thought it would.  Super psyched.  If this process goes well I may do more for Lynch's other films.  Thanks everyone!

 Saddened by the number of David Lynch themed compilations being put out by various noise labels and not being asked to participate in any of them, I've decided to curate and release my own via Altar Of Waste.  This is an open call for any artists that might want to be included on the compilation.  There are 13 spots available.  If you've recorded for Altar Of Waste in the past I'd love to have you participate in this!  If you are a new artist, please send me examples of your work.  I will select the artists based on my own preference.
Here's how the compilation will work.  I will assign each artist a track from the film's original score (again, I will assign the tracks based on my personal preference).  You will have to manipulate that track into a new piece.  The piece can be HNW, ANW, ambient, drone-whatever you'd like-but you have to use the track I assign you as source.  I am also asking you to create an entirely original piece based on the film-again, HNW, ANW, ambient, drone.  For this, you may use anything you like as source material or record an entirely new piece eschewing any source material at all-the piece simply has to be in homage to the film.  Each piece (both the score manipulation and your original piece) should be between 15-30 minutes long.
This set will be something extravagant along the lines of my "Deathcrush" box.  I want to set a standard for Lynch-themed work in the noise community.  If you are interested in participating, please get in touch with me through email:
Once I have the roster assembled I'll send out the tracks.  Thank you for your interest-let's make something amazing together!

-Cory Strand/Altar Of Waste

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