Thursday, May 22, 2014


A new album and the AOW debut from Scott Kindberg's She Walks Crooked, a project dedicated to the ethereal beauty of uber-chanteuse and erotic muse Charlotte Gainsbourg.  She Walks Crooked exists very much in the same space as Love Katy and my eponymous recordings: obsessed with certain "pop" celebrities and ingenues to a point that others would deem difficult to understand in an attempt to illuminate some sort of aspect of their many facets and presentations.  Being a fairly huge Charlotte fan myself, She Walks Crooked was most definitely a project I wanted to work with.
"Bashful Exhibition" is a huge and incredibly dense work, featuring five ultra-intense walls that traffic in a variety of deep, crunchy, bass-heavy textures.  The walls have a loping, sputtering quality that reminds me very much of Love Katy, but She Walks Crooked has a darker sensibility (perhaps owing to the fact that Miss Gainsbourg seems to present a darker presentation of herself than does Katy Perry) and more of a fascination with posturing and perception as opposed to celebration.
Packaged in a DVD case in a limited edition of 15 hand-numbered copies.  $10 ppd. in the United States, $23 rest of world.


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