Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Long delayed personal release compiling a wealth of unreleased material, as well as my tracks from hyper-limited releases from other labels and some compilations i've appeared on and some additional experimental recordings.  Some of these tracks are on my bandcamp, but many of them have been unheard for years, the remains of projects long begun but never finished, for various reasons.  Included:

a rework of a Richard Youngs track
remix of a Carrie track
tracks from my incomplete "Seven: A Reinterpretation" project
track for an unreleased comp for Faith Is Panic (now defunct)
all three tracks from my cassette "Jealousy," released on Vagary
a Charles Manson cover
a track from my incomplete "Breaking Bad" project
a Katy Perry/Mogwai mashup
four tracks from my incomplete sequel album to "Words And Dreams And A Million Screams" (Weezer reworks)
my track from the "Small Hours Goodtime Radio Hour" cassette, released on Vagary
a remix for one of Liam McGeorge's projects
my track for a compilation of Danzig noise covers
my track for a compilation of AC/DC noise covers
my track from the upcoming Beyonce noise tribute, released by Tapes For A Grey Future
my track from the HNW Netlabel's "100" compilation

Tons of stuff on this one showcasing all sorts of the sounds I mess around.  It's pretty exhaustive.  Packaged in a quadruple-capacity oversized jewel case.  The artwork on this one pays homage to my favorite noise album of all time.
Released in a limited edition of 10 hand-numbered copies, with a small informational insert detailing the genesis of each track.  $40 ppd. in the United States, $56 rest of world.


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