Thursday, August 31, 2017


Incredible compilation collecting a number of oppressive drone recordings from the mighty Zyxomn, a project of J. Gardner of Phantom Cadaver.  Just as in his approach to HNW, Gardner's work as Zyxomn is meticulous and thoughtful, showcasing his usual mastery over electronic textures and sounds.  The 13 discs here are simply some of the finest electronic drone i've heard in a long, long while; the atmospheres are almost inconceivably thick and suffused with dread, the haunted remnants of so many dead factories and crumbling electrical towers.  A distinct Lynchian aura hangs over the recordings collected here, a trip through severely dark spaces where sounds usher themselves in and fill all the surrounding spaces with their very physical presence.  Total industrial waste and collapse, with a few of the pieces venturing into ANW style territories as the drones choke the life out of their environments.  Astonishing material.
A goodly amount of Zyxomn's work can be streamed here:

The release is packaged as thirteen separate albums, each housed in a thick fold over cardstock cover, each of which is then housed in a plastic bag.  The discs themselves are all individually sleeved as well.  The entire set is housed in a wooden box with a paste-on cover.  The set also includes a small title card detailing each set's individual number.
Please note that this item is made to order; please allow a little extra time for delivery upon ordering.
Released in a limited edition of 10 hand-numbered copies.  $65 ppd. in the United States, $81 rest of world.


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