Wednesday, July 23, 2014


PLEASE NOTE: This is a PREORDER.  Box sets should begin shipping late September.

Super deluxe box set version compiling all of my work with "Fargo," both the film and the television series, plus some very exclusive extras that come ONLY with the box set.  This is easily the most ambitious (and largest) project i've embarked upon.  "Fargo: Complete" includes:

"Fargo: A Reinterpretation" 10CDr (AOW 213): My epic dark drone/death ambient rework of Jeff Russo's score for the television series, packaged in two 5-capacity DVD cases, with artwork by Gina Newman.  Gina's artwork is exclusive to the box set; the stand alone version has images culled from the series.

"Fargo: Season One" 10CDr (AOW 214): All HNW rework of the audio from Season One of the show, using the same methods employed on my "True Detective: Season One" set.  Packaged in two 5-capacity DVD cases, with entirely different artwork than the stand alone version.

"Fargo: A Reinterpretation" 5CDr (AOW 215): rework of Carter Burwell's beautiful score to the Coen Brothers' film blanc.  Packaged in a 5-capacity DVD case with entirely different artwork than the stand alone version.

"Fargo" DATA-DVDr: Exclusive to the box set, my full HNW rework of the entire audio track from "Fargo" the film, packaged in a DVD case with full colour artwork.  Over an hour and a half of crippling HNW.

"Bonus" CDr: exclusive to the box set, my ultra raw and damaged guitar solo version of Carter Burwell's theme from "Fargo" the film.

The entirety of the set is housed in a painted box with paste on covers and a signed insert, and is limited to five hand-numbered copies.  Again, this is easily the largest set i have put together; it weighs a ton and will be brutal to ship, so this is reflected in the pricing.  $230 ppd. in the United States, $243 rest of world.


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