Friday, November 11, 2016


Very pleased to be releasing this new set from Mitchell Rotunno's (The Ebony Tower, (A)sex) Urban Decay project.  Urban Decay, while rooted in the form of HNW, takes things further out, existing in an empty zone of hollow and distant shredded HNW that veers on ANW.  It's like looking through a muddled foggy window pane at structures that seem to offer some semblance of shape and familiarity, but are really illusory objects of unknown origin.  This is some seriously dark and cold material, unsettling in the best possible way.  The four pieces here are essentially a severely prolonged feeling of dread and darkness, disorientation taken to its limit, the boundaries of existential malaise.  It's beautiful, forward-thinking soundcraft, and I get lost in it every time i listen to it.
Packaged in a DVD case and released in a limited edition of 10 hand-numbered copies.  $25 ppd. in the United States, $41 rest of world.


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