Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Newest album from Betty Koster's Phantasm Nocturnes, a truly restless project that has been churning out an awesome number of releases beholden to no aesthetic other than its own.  Phantasm Nocturnes is a project after my own heart, flitting effortlessly between punishing walls of disruptive noise to severe and disorienting masses of electronic detritus to frigidly cold and empty death ambience, creating an ultimately undefinable body of work that unites all of its facets beneath a shivering veil of terror and isolation.  "Dark Dimensions" delves deep into the choking heart of the endless night, a cruel and precise exploration of thick spacey drone textures fused to the gurgling, oozing pustulence of obstinate ambient noise walls, a journey to the outer reaches of emptiness that left me with a feeling of being lost and cold and very, very far away from any sort tether to the physical world.  This is pure isolation ambient with a paranoid apocalyptic bent, an ascent into the void that enslaves you to the infinite.
Altar Of Waste is delighted to release this record, a small piece in a very large, abstract puzzle that seems beyond any sort of genre appraisal.  Greet the encroaching black and lose yourself in the suffocating slurry of stars.
Packaged in a DVD case in a limited edition of 15 hand-numbered copies.  $10 ppd. in the United States, $22 rest of world.


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