Wednesday, October 30, 2013


A devastating three-way split between Ritual Stance, Crown Of Bone, and Earthenwomb, an all out assault on the senses and a seriously brain frying descent into the most tormented HNW and noise abysses imaginable.  Just shy of 80 minutes in length, this split showcases the absolute best of what each of these projects is capable of.  Ritual Stance's contribution traffics in the project's usual sickeningly bass-heavy dungeon HNW, an expression of meta-sexual power and control.  Crown Of Bone's piece is simply towering, a masterful arrangement of sound and texture that brings to mind pure demonic hallucinogenia and agony.  But it is Earthenwomb's work here that really fucks with your thoughts and dreams, an amazing, sputtering, minimalistic static cloud that feels like it's slicing your mind into about a million pieces, a seriously unique approximation of HNW's aestheticism as filtered through a haze of Lovecraftian cosmic insignificance.
Altar Of Waste is very pleased to unleash this destroyer, a brutal trip through some very sick and damaged headspaces.  Each project brought their fucking best to this one and it KILLS. 
Packaged in a DVD case with gorgeous commissioned artwork and my own usual collage approach, in a limited edition of 30 hand-numbered copies.  Includes an 8 page hand-made and bound booklet exploring some of the visuals these works suggested to me.  $13 ppd. in the United States, $25 rest of world.  The booklets are made to order, so please allow a couple days turnaround time on this one.


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