Monday, September 1, 2014


Small Hours' "Olivia II" super deluxe CDr has now sold out!  Thanks to everyone that ordered it-you made this release possible, and I thank you for your support of Altar Of Waste.  It means a lot to me, and to James Killick as well, that you believe in this project as we do and want to see it complete.  I'll be sending everything off to the manufacturer this week.  Hopefully the packages will be here soon!
Also, Izedis of psych-noise destruction unit Static Goat (and Enbilulugugal) has given a humorous interview to Roger over at Musique Machine.  It's pretty fun; it reminds me a lot of old metal interviews where the artist tries to convince people they're as misanthropic and kult as their albums suggest.  You can read the interview here:

Static Goat's "Mental Castration" 2CDr is still available, as is the four way split featuring Enbilulugugal.

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